Best Disney movies of all time.

Disney movies were a staple of our quiet evenings at home. After much deliberation, here are our 10 favorites.

1. “The Sword in the Stone” – This is the most under-appreciated of all Disney movies. Wart was so delightfully awkward and unsure, but more importantly, he was fun. Also, Merlin is awesome.

2. “Toy Story” – Whether you are team Woody or team Buzz, I haven’t met anybody who doesn’t like this movie. Every kid has imagined at one time or another that their toys came alive when they were left alone, but this movie inspired a whole generation of children who tried to sneak in and catch them in the act – or maybe that was just me.

3. “Alice in Wonderland” – The colors and animation in this movie bring Lewis Carroll’s beloved characters to life in a wholly fantastic way, especially considering this movie was released in 1951, with none of the resources available to today’s animators. To this very day, crescent moons remind me of the Cheshire Cat and, while I am a Tim Burton fan, not even his adaptation can live up to this masterpiece.

4. “Beauty and the Beast” – As a kid, three things made me love this movie. First, Belle was a total book nerd and I definitely related, although I was the awkward, weird kind instead of the beautiful, head-in-the-clouds type. Second, the Beast’s library was amazing and I still want it. Third, “Be Our Guest.” Enough said.

5. “The Lion King” – Who would have thought “Hamlet” could be turned into such a lovable movie? Visually, this movie is amazing, and with great songs and voice actors, it’s easy to forget the violent and overwhelmingly sad parts of the plot. Last but not least: Timon and Pumbaa — who doesn’t love them? I hate to be cliché, but I have to say it – Hakuna Matata.

6. “Mary Poppins” – This movie was a huge part of my childhood, even though it’s live action and not animated. Now, as a college student, I wish every single day for a magical bag like hers to hold all the things I need to bring to campus, and I wish I could clean my room with a catchy tune and the snap of my fingers.

7. “The Nightmare Before Christmas” – I won’t lie; as a kid, this movie scared me — it came out when I was 5 and it took about five more years until I could actually watch it. Now, like so many others, I can sing all the songs, and pretty much quote all the lines in the movie. The moral of the story is the best of all — don’t try to be who you are not, even if it’s a little weird.

8. “Robin Hood” — Animals acting like people can make any story better – Robin Hood as a man is OK, but Robin Hood as a fox is way more fun. Unlike other movies, the title character is my favorite, and the friendship and love that this movie portrays is fabulous. It might sound cheesy, but this movie really warms my heart. Oh, and I love the little baby bunny with a speech impediment.

9. “Aladdin” – Nobody can deny that the best part of this movie is the Genie — obviously his wishes fuel the plot, but his character trumps every other times a thousand. Robin Williams was tailor-made for the role, and I can’t think of anyone who could have done it better; he makes this movie good. Also, who doesn’t know at least some of the words to “A Whole New World?”

10. “Peter Pan” – I just recently read the book, and this is a rare instance where I actually think the movie is better. While I didn’t want to be anyone’s mother, the role that Wendy was supposed to fill, I definitely imagined Peter flying through my window and taking me away on adventures. I’m 32 and I still have dreams of never growing up, especially around finals week.


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